Welcome to a brand new era in battle rap. Watch Season 1, grab collectible packs, and own the biggest moments from KOTD, the world's favorite battle rap league.

What is KOTD?

King of the Dot is the world's favorite battle rap league. In 2020, KOTD changed the game with the biggest cash prize in battle rap history for the Grand Prix competition. In 2021, KOTD is running the first ever full season of battle rap on Twitch.

What is Season 1?

48 artists. 12 weeks. $100,000 on the line. The first ever season of battle rap, live and free on Twitch. Watch King of the Dot on Twitch .

What is Niftory?

Niftory is a platform that makes it easy for brands and creators to launch their own collectible experiences. Niftory is partnered with KOTD to provide digital experiences alongside S1.

What do I get by signing up?

Signing up gives you access to exclusive King of the Dot content throughout the season, and gets your ready to access to the KOTD collectible series.

What are KOTD collectible moments?

Moments are officially licensed KOTD collectibles, featuring the best bars and clips of the dopest moments from the world's favorite battle rap league - see the sample below. Every KOTD collectible moment varies in rarity, and ownership and authenticity is backed by the blockchain.

How do I get a KOTD collectible moment?

Sign in to get access to exclusive drops, starting later this season. Each drop gives you a chance to get a pack with multiple collectible KOTD moments. Packs will be purchasable with a simple credit card payment!

What can I do with a KOTD collectible moment?

During our alpha, you'll be able to collect and showcase your moments. In the future, you'll be able to buy, sell, and trade these moments with the KOTD community.

Backed by the blockchain?

An NFT (or non-fungible token) is a unique tokenized collectible on the blockchain. The blockchain allows for verifiable scarcity, easy provenance, and allows users to control their own assets. KOTD collectibles are minted on the Flow Blockchain, the same blockchain used by popular collectible services like NBA Top Shot. Flow is a proof-of-stake blockchain, which means lower fees and minimal environmental footprint.



Sample Set

The best bars from the dopest moments in the world's biggest battle rap league.


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Interactive, animated collectible moments from your favorite rappers

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Owning the rarest moments can give you access to exclusive rewards from KOTD

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